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but first


Take 10 mins for YOU

No time for yourself from the moment you wake up until bedtime?

I understand...

Been there, done that, burned out.

But I don't want that to be your case.

Hi! I'm Ana. And I believe that self-care shouldn't be just a Sunday kinda thing.


As a Certified Yoga & Face Yoga Teacher, I inspire women to prioritise themselves daily, through online face yoga classes.

'Rise & Shine' is an exclusive 28-day online face yoga course for women with busy schedules like yours. To help you instil a daily practice that prioritises YOU + makes you look & feel your best.


What's inside the course?

Time for yourself!


And a blend of warm-up exercises, body posture correction techniques, face yoga poses, cooling down pranayama and meditation, in 10-min daily classes for you to practice online, from the comfort of your home, for the next 28 self-care days.

Join Rise and Shine

Be kind to yourself first

I learned the hard way that the demands of modern life can leave anyone feeling depleted and disconnected from their inner self, if one doesn't take time off for themselves, to nurture the connection between their body, mind and the Universe.


If you relate to this in some way, know that you are not alone. And you can change it.

Be patient with yourself.

You are clearing thousands of years of unconscious behaviour, while you are being one with the Universe. Whatever happens in that process, have faith. Trust that it is conspiring everything in your favour.  And that one day, it will all make sense. 

And until then, please be kind to yourself, demanding of the Universe yet grateful for everything you have. A miracle is on the way.





In this free class, you get to experience what matters - to feel good inside, knowing that you have given yourself time. That, blended with its mix of face yoga techniques, are the key to making you glow inside-out.




Looking for a face yoga class designed specifically for you, that addresses all the concerns you may have? Look no further.


Take 30 minutes for YOU, to nurture your face, body, mind and glow from inside-out in this 1-1 LIVE online class

Real not Perfect

I'm Ana

In a world where everyone seems to run out of time, you often find yourself juggling multiple responsibilities, leaving little to no time for yourself. Here, you are guided in creating an inner sanctuary for you to reconnect with yourself and radiate inside-out.

Hey! I'm Ana and I relocated from Europe to India, looking for a deeper connection with myself. In India, I discovered the profound yet underrated impact that authentic yogic rituals have on inner radiance. This realisation inspired me to create this loving SIMPLY YOGIC space, where you disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle of life.

I am a 400H certified yoga, face yoga and prenatal yoga teacher from renowned institutions in India and as I go through this parentheses in eternity I call "life", I strive to take what I learn on the mat into my day to day life as much as I humanly can, keeping in mind that there's more to life than what you and I can perceive right now. 

My approach in class is holistic. It combines face yoga, yoga or prenatal yoga, mindfulness and relaxation to help you unlock your inner radiance no matter what phase of your journey you are at, as the wonder-woman that you are in this world.

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