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The Story

This story, just like all others, began with an idea: to provide a safe and welcoming sanctuary for women to escape the hustle and bustle of their daily life for a while, to reconnect with their inner selves, to rejuvenate their body&mind, to redefine the way they perceive natural ageing.

Now, the live classes and online programs are loved by men as well.

Within the serene environment of each class I lead, the secrets of yoga and face yoga are unveiled. The benefits transcend mere physical transformation and time.

Being a certified face yoga and yoga teacher, through carefully curated exercises and techniques, I guide you through every class you attend, on a transformative journey that not only nurtures inner tranquility but also enhances natural grace.

No fillers, no surgeries, no chemical products. With 20 minutes of your time for each class, much love and consistency, you'll be in awe at how you look and feel.

The Approach

My approach extends beyond the skin, encompassing mindful breathing, face and body toning, and profound relaxation - restoring your equilibrium and alleviating the burdens your thoughts create in your mind.

We celebrate the boundless potential of yoga, face yoga, breathing and meditation. And the radiant metamorphosis that unfolds when you cultivate your true self.


We allow our inner beauty to radiate.

You step into a harmonious community of kindred spirits, where women and men are united by a shared commitment to self-love.


The Yogini

I am Ana. Although I don't like talking about it, my story is a testament of unwavering commitment to holistic well-being.

I lived and worked in and around Europe most of my life. Until one day, when I realised that the hectic schedule I used to have took over my very life, to the point where it depleted my body and mind.

Feeling life dripping too fast out of my body, I knew I needed a drastic change in my lifestyle. 

With the least of the energy I had, I left Europe to relocate to India in search of a deeper meaning of life.

Having lived in India for the last 5 years, I've immersed myself in the studies and practices of yoga, meditation, face yoga and holistic well-being and had some of the most profound realisations of my life. 


Today, I feel the best I've ever had.

Being a certified yoga, face yoga teacher and prenatal yoga teacher from prestigious schools in India, my mission is to create a sanctuary for busy people seeking a balanced synergy between modern life's demands and inner self.

When I don't teach, I travel, make healthy food, read and tell stories. Within my own story, I trust you will find the inspiration to honour the wonder that you are.

Yogini Ana Chirica

Ana Chirica

Certified Face Yoga Teacher

Certified Yoga Teacher

Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher

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