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 Let's Go with The Flow

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What is Go with The Flow?

A yoga course focused around the menstrual phase of your cycle, not like any other yoga course you've done online, without your cycle in mind.


Each restorative class is designed with your needs as a woman in mind, while you go through that time of the month no one cares or wants to talk about.

7 days. 7 classes. Yoga + Vitamin Me.


In every class, I lovingly guide you through practices that are derived from the ancient knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda that prioritise your much needed relaxation during the menstrual phase of your cycle through restorative yoga practices as well as breathing and meditation techniques.

What do you get if you join?

You get to understand what happens with your body during the menstrual phase of your cycle. How that affects the way you feel, think and behave.

You get to understand and prioritise your needs, as a woman who learns how to listen to and honour the wonder that her body is as it goes through its ever so normal yet magical phase that the menstrual phase of your cycle is.

In a world that tells you to hustle no matter the day of the month, you get 30 minutes in each session for yourself, to rest, relax, and rejoice. 


Every session is soothing for your mind and supportive of your body as it sheds the lining of your uterus during the menstrual phase of your cycle. 

You also get access to this 7-day course for life. Much like the gift of life that keeps on giving. To yourself.

Why join the waitlist?

To get it all (at 50% OFF when the course launches) for just 15 euros.

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